Officer Commended for Assistance with Arson Investigation

A member of the Plaza Security team patrolling the Stone Mountain CID provided some valuable assistance to local law enforcement during a recent suspected case of arson.

arson2_325In late January, Officer Mohammad Maiwand observed a suspicious vehicle while making his rounds along Hugh Howell Road. He immediately called 911 and noted the vehicle’s information while waiting for police.

Maiwand observed two individuals returning to the vehicle. He announced himself as security, asking the individuals if they needed assistance. But the two left the scene at a high rate of speed. It was shortly after this interaction responders arriving on the scene confirmed that a fire had been detected in the area.

DeKalb County Police collected incident details and other information provided by Officer Maiwand. His skilled and professional response during this situation earned him special commendation from the managers of Plaza Security and the appreciation of CID leaders.