CID honors officers of the year

The Stone Mountain Community Improvement District has recognized two DeKalb County Police Officers as “Officer of the Year” for their efforts in apprehending a suspect in a series of burglaries in the area.

Officers Donald Warney and Jose de Lima Villafan were instrumental in the arrest of a man suspected in a series of business burglaries. Based on a description, the officers were able to identify and apprehend a suspect at an area motel during their routine patrol of the area. The suspect now faces five felony charges of burglary. Detailed security camera pictures of the perpetrator as he carried stolen equipment through a smashed window, were provided by SMCID member, LMI, and were instrumental in his speedy identification and capture.

“All parties involved should be commended for their investigative skills and determination in the apprehension of a repeat felony suspect before he was able to commit another burglary,” said DeKalb Police Sgt. A.T. Shover.

Overall, the CID continues to experience historically low rates for criminal incidents thanks to the work of DeKalb County Police and CID-supported public safety patrols. During the busy Thanksgiving holiday, there was only a single reported crime in the CID area, the theft of a purse from an unlocked car parked at a shopping center.

The Stone Mountain CID appreciates and supports the efforts of the DeKalb County Police Department to keep our District safe.

(Pictured, l-r: Officer Donald Warney, Major G.A. Padrick, Officer Jose de Lima Villafan, Commissioner Steve Bradshaw, Commissioner Gregory Adams, CID President Emory Morsberger)