Eight Things You Need To Know About The Incredible Corridor

1. The Mountain Industrial Blvd/Jimmy Carter Blvd corridor has become a “relief valve” for motorists coming from either I-20 or US 78 to gain Northbound access to I-85, while avoiding I-285. It’s also heavily used by motorists going in the opposite direction. The re-construction of the US 400/I-285 interchange that will begin in early 2018 will result in greater volumes of traffic utilizing the Incredible Corridor.

2. The corridor crosses two limited Federal Highway access facilities: I-20 and US 78

3. The Average Daily Traffic (ADT) volumes are high, especially in the northern section. However, regardless of the ADT’s, the corridor has very high Peak Hour Volumes including at various intersections.

Average Daily Traffic Counts, 2-way trips over 5 days

  • Mountain Industrial Blvd. (Between Hugh Howell and Elmdale) – 38,100 ADT
  • Mountain Industrial Blvd. (Between Tuckerstone Pkwy and South Royal Atlanta) – 31,700 ADT
  • Mountain Industrial Blvd. (Between East Ponce de Leon and Greer Circle) – 31,100 ADT

4. The Incredible Corridor also crosses DeKalb and Gwinnett Counties, three CIDs and two cities.

5. This corridor could potentially become one EXTREMELY long continuous significant transportation corridor that begins at I-20 on the Southeast side of the Metro Atlanta Area, continues northward to become the SR 140/Jimmy Carter corridor, which then turns into SR 92 corridor extending all the way to I-75 on the Northwest side of the Metro Atlanta Area.

6. The Georgia Department of Transportation re-timed the Mountain Industrial Blvd. section of corridor and replaced updated signal hardware in 2016, which decreased travel times by two to three minutes.

7. The SMCID has replaced traffic loops at several side intersections to improve the level of service and decrease wait times. Since 2016 SMCID has spent over $100,000 repairing pavement and curbs along the Incredible Corridor and adjoining streets.

8. The SMCID is planning on re-timing and replacing the traffic loops on Mountain Industrial Blvd. at US Hwy 78 in 2018, which will provide additional improvements in traffic flow.