Tucker Summit CID Conducts Online Survey for District 41 Senate Candidates

ATLANTA – May 18, 2020 – Tucker Summit Community Improvement District (TSCID), a coalition of business owners dedicated to improving the community by using self-taxing dollars to fund beautification, safety and road improvements within the district, recently conducted an online survey for candidates running for the District 41 Senate seat, currently held by Steve Henson who is not seeking re-election.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a physical candidate forum could not be held to hear the vision and plan of the five Democrats and Republicans running.  As a result, the TSCID president Emory Morsberger determined an online survey would be the best option. The survey, which includes questions on transit, ESPLOST funding and DeKalb County legislation, was completed by three of the five candidates and their responses can be found here.

TSCID falls entirely within Georgia’s 41st Senate district. The five candidates campaigning to fill his seat include William Park Freeman (R), Gil Freeman (D), Mohammed Jahangir Hossain (D), Kim Jackson (D) and Beverly R. Jones (D).

“Senator Henson has been a huge advocate in helping Tucker Summit CID obtain approval and funding for many of our projects and we are sad to see him go,” said Morsberger. “However, we are looking forward to building an equally strong relationship with the new District 41 Senator. The online survey gave the candidates an opportunity to express their views and opinions about improvements the CID is actively working on and planning for the district,” he added.

TSCID Executive Director Emory Morsberger recently called a meeting of 25 metro Atlanta CID directors to discuss the rapidly growing traffic and congestion issue within the districts. “We all stand to benefit by working together to get ahead of the growing population and the correlating traffic that results,” said Morsberger. “Growth is great for economic development, however we have to consider and adapt to any and every possibility in order to prepare for that growth.”

The presidential primaries and general election were originally scheduled for Tuesday, May 19, and have been postponed until Tuesday, June 9.


About Tucker Summit Community Improvement District

Tucker Summit CID exists to deliver the planning and leadership needed to reach new levels of success for its commercial property owners. The primary objective of the CID is to grow property values and enhance the district’s prominence as a primary choice for business growth and development.