The CID has set big goals for a brighter future, and new business partners help create bigger improvements and faster growth results!


Improving Public Spaces

CID-funded landscaping professionals routinely service right-of-way spaces, picking up litter and debris three times each week, and the CID has partnered with DeKalb County to install new plantings and trees to visually enhance the entire district.

Reducing Criminal Activity

The CID's public safety focus with private security and off-duty police coverage is paying off. The number of crimes against commercial property owners is down to near zero-- a dramatic decrease from 10 incidents reported monthly when the CID launched in 2012.

Fixing Broken Infrastructure

The CID has produced great results in leading efforts to repair damaged infrastructure, including paving broken roads and improving intersections to better accommodate commercial vehicles. Retiming a key set of traffic signals is now saving drivers time and has improved overall travel efficiency throughout the district.

The CID's unique partnership with DeKalb County is establishing a gateway entrance at the intersection of Mountain Industrial and Highway 78. The total project cost is approximately $200,000, most of which DeKalb County is funding.

Other Projects

• Gateway signage and landscaping

• Traffic studies to improve travel time to I-85

• Ongoing and planning CID-sponsored improvements

• Brighter LED street signs at major intersections

• Wider intersection turning spaces for large commercial vehicles

• Traffic signal timing adjustments to increase flow

• Ongoing blight and litter removal


Emory Morsberger, CID President  |  770-409-8100  |  emory@stonemountaincid.com