Lighted Street Signs Coming To Mountain Industrial Boulevard

Crews will soon begin upgrades that will forever change how drivers view the major intersections of Mountain Industrial Boulevard.

Greer Circle mastarmsBeginning in May, installers will add new street signs illuminated by light-emitting diodes (LED) to the recently upgraded intersection mast arms. The signs will appear next to the existing traffic signals.

The Stone Mountain CID has secured the services of R.J. Haynie & Associates to place a total of 24 signs at 10 intersections. Preliminary work is underway now in preparation for installation services to begin next month.

The CID is able to complete this project with the assistance of $500,000 in grant funding supplied by Georgia’s State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA).

CID President Emory Morsberger said the energy-efficient LED signs are will greatly benefit all Mountain Industrial drivers, even those who have traveled in the area for years.

“They don’t use much electricity, but the signs are very bright,” Morsberger said. “Any time you increase visibility at a busy intersection, you promote safety for everyone involved. We expect these signs to lead to safer driving throughout the corridor.”

In addition to increased safety, Morsberger said the signage will provide a distinguishing feature for the CID area as a whole.

“This project will not only help people to know where they are headed, but it will also underscore that they are inside the Stone Mountain CID,” Morsberger said. “These are positive, active indicators that you are driving in a distinctly different part of the county.”