TSCID April 2020 Newsletter

Tucker Summit CID April 2020 Newsletter

Tucker Summit CID April 2020 Newsletter

COVID-19 Update

On Monday, April 20, Governor Brian Kemp announced his decision to allow certain businesses to reopen, including gyms, barbershops, tattoo parlors and bowling alleys among others, on Friday, April 24, in a “measured” approach to restart the economy. This announcement came on the heels of the extension of his previous state-wide shelter-in-place order through April 30. Dine-in restaurants and theaters will also be allowed to reopen on April 27.

“By taking this measured action, we will get Georgians back to work safely without undermining the progress that we have all made in the battle against COVID-19,” Kemp said.

Businesses and citizens are advised to act responsibly and maintain social distancing while the elderly and medically compromised stay at home through mid-May. For up-to-date information on State ordinances regarding the virus, please visit Georgia.gov and for more information on the virus symptoms and disease prevention, please visit the CDC website.

Election Information Update

The Presidential Primary, General Primary Election, Nonpartisan General Election and Special Election for DeKalb County has been rescheduled from May 19 to June 9 with early voting to begin on Monday, May 18.

The June 9 date, depicted in the accompanying graphic, was selected due to the requirement to hold an eight-week runoff election, which is scheduled for August 11 along with the requirement to print the ballots for the General Election, while taking into account the needs of absentee ballots for overseas and military voters.

Stay up to date with candidate information, election locations and dates by visiting the DeKalb County website.

Election Information Update

District 1 DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester is seeking reelection on June 9, 2020, to continue her work as the Chair of the Finance, Audit and Budget committee and as a member of the Public Works and Infrastructure committee, where she has focused on resolving the sewer issues and insuring compliance with the Federal Consent Decree.

Commissioner Jester has served three years on the Public Works Committee, and with her fellow commissioner from Super District 6, Kathy Gannon, leaving both the board and the committee, Commissioner Jester is the only remaining board member with historical knowledge of DeKalb County’s sewer restrictions and problems.

When Commissioner Jester was elected five years ago, the Board of Commissioners was not fully informed about the County’s sewer issues and federal consent decree. She discovered the County had been allowing businesses to connect to the outdated, unmaintained sewer system, often in conflict with the requirements of the Consent Decree. Commissioner Jester began attending meetings where previously the board was not represented and spearheaded a change in process. Given the fact that the County will likely miss the deadline of June 2020 to update and fix the sewer system to meet EPA standards, the matter will have to return to federal court to get the consent decree amended.

Commissioner Jester is committed to holding the County accountable for doing the work to upgrade and fix the aging sewer system. Upsizing, redesigning, cleaning and ongoing maintenance of the pipes will help gain capacity to alleviate the constraints and sewer spills. Commissioner Jester’s goal is to work with DeKalb County, have transparent and open communications with area businesses and work towards a viable solution so that DeKalb County’s economic development can thrive.

In the midst of continued focus on resolving DeKalb County’s sewer issues, COVID-19 occurred. DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond exercised his power to issue State of Emergency Executive Order for the county on March 23 and a stay-at-home order on March 27 (Governor Kemp issued a statewide order on April 1). Commissioner Jester and the DeKalb Board of Commissioners supported the CEO’s course of action, however, they are concerned about the economic effect and burden the pandemic will place on local, national and international businesses. Commissioner Jester remains hopeful for a V-shaped recovery and a swift reopening of the county, state and nation. As the Chair of the Finance, Audit and Budget Committee, she is closely monitoring the financial implications of this crisis for the County.

Commissioner Jester has always been appreciative of the partnership and support from TSCID. She believes that the CID’s leadership and communication on behalf of its owners and members are what makes TSCID successful and that the organization is an integral and important driver for economic activity and revitalization for the County as a whole.

FODAC Critical Supply Donation Update

TSCID member Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC) was able to donate and provide 3,000 N95 masks and hundreds of other critical supplies to Grady Memorial Hospital on March 24, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Frontline healthcare workers have been reporting a shortage of emergency supplies and many TSCID companies like FODAC came through with help. The staff greeted FODAC’s delivery with safely-distanced applause.

FODAC has also been busy shipping stretchers, hazmat suits and other CID donations to the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) in addition to other emergency supplies, including respiratory equipment and hospital beds valued at nearly $1 million. In addition to the local efforts, FODAC has been working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with relief efforts in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

FODAC receives the highest rating of 4-Stars from Charity Navigator. This nonprofit relies on the generosity of individuals, companies and foundations to support their mission. For more information visit www.fodac.org or donate here: www.fodac.org/donate.

We are so proud to have an organization like FODAC in our CID!

TSCID and CID Members Donate Hand Sanitizer to Tucker’s First Responders

TSCID and TSCID member, The House of Cheatham, joined forces to donate 50 gallons of hand sanitzer and more than 900 individual squeeze containers to DeKalb County’s first responders. The County’s emergency workers frequently have to get up close and personal with the public — whose hygiene isn’t always their first priority. This can prove to be a challenge for first responders trying to remain healthy and safe while performing their duties, especially during COVID-19.

Lee Hanson, founder of both of Guardian Sports, a protective athletic gear manufacturer, and The Hanson Group, a chemical and polymer manufacturer, supplied the hand sanitizer to TSCID at a significant discount.

“Making sure our emergency workers remain healthy and safe is our top priority at this time,” said TSCID president Emory Morsberger. “While our best and brightest are protecting us on the frontlines, it is our duty to show our appreciation and do what we can to contribute to their well-being. I am thankful to have community-minded companies like the House of Cheatham and Guardian Sports that can provide assistance in times like these.”

Support Tucker Businesses

Stone Ridge Event Center

What does an event center to do adapt to statewide shutdown prohibiting public gatherings? Fortunately for Stone Ridge Event Center the events that were scheduled to occur during the executive order have all been rescheduled for future dates. Customers appreciated the ability to secure dates later in 2020 for no extra charge or choose a date in 2021 for a small difference in pricing.

The venue has taken a proactive approach during this unexpected downtime and has launched a YouTube channel to highlight their services and film virtual tours of the event space for potential customers to explore the venue without leaving their homes.

A calendar of available dates for any future event needs can be found on the Stone Ridge Event Center website.

Tucker Brewing Company

Tucker Brewing Company has approached this challenging time with productivity and humor. The brewery’s walk-up window remains open during certain hours where the community can still purchase Tucker Brewing’s original brew and the TKR kitchen construction remains on track to open once the pandemic has passed.

Employees have all kept their jobs, but have been redirected toward other tasks within the company like canning and packaging (for wholesale markets and the walk-up window), painting the exterior and squeezing a lot of lemons (for a new product to be introduced in the summer). Meanwhile, Tucker Brewing took to social media to get the public’s vote on Malt Madness, bracket-styled voting to replace March Madness, for the most popular ingredients to include in a new product. They announced the winning ingredients on Friday, April 10, as pineapple, vanilla, Caramel 40 malt and Citra hops. Look for the Malt Madness pilot batch in the tasting room this summer.

Brand new marketing director, Eliana Barnard, credits the amazing Tucker community for being so supportive during these uncertain times.
Georgia Furniture Mart, formerly Underpriced Furniture, broke ground on Sarr Parkway off of Mountain Industrial Boulevard in the fall of 2019, and unfortunately incurred $200,000 in extra expenses to remove an inordinate amount of water that resulted from an excessively rainy winter.

Once weather conditions improved, Georgia Furniture Mart paved the employee parking lot and completed the landscaping.

“The addition of Georgia Furniture Mart to the CID is tremendous,” remarked TSCID president Emory Morsberger. “This area is ripe for manufacturing and distribution facilities and the location right off of Highway 78 is ideal for furniture deliveries anywhere in metro Atlanta.”

Currently, construction is nearing completion and the timeline to apply for a certification of occupancy should happen in late spring, provided construction is allowed to continue amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “While we would never put anyone’s health in jeopardy, we are hoping and praying that we do not get a forced work shut down because of the virus,” says owner Mike Hall.”

TSCID Project Updates

The City of Tucker has drafted a bid package for curb radii improvements throughout TSCID. Improvements include building, removing, fixing or adjusting existing curbs at Litton Drive at East Ponce de Leon Avenue, Litton Drive at Lewis Road, Elmdale Drive at Mountain Industrial Boulevard and more. To bid on the project, please visit the City of Tucker website.
  • Mountain Industrial Boulevard Median Update
    • The project is on hold due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Highway 78 Interchange
    • An application for funding has been filed for a GTIB grant, the result is pending. GDOT is responsible for funding the construction costs while TSCID and the City of Tucker will be splitting the design costs 50/50.
  • Flintstone Drive and Hugh Howell
    • The Board of Education and Crespac are still negotiating an exchange of land between the school and company’s properties to allow Crespac’s tractor-trailer trucks to have sufficient space to back into their loading docks. The division of cost share between the Board of Education, CID, GDOT and City of Tucker is still pending.

Federal Opportunity Zone Filing Deadline Extended to July 15

Last week, the IRS issued an updated notice on additional relief for taxpayers affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This includes a filing extension for trusts, estates, corporations and other non-corporate tax filers until July 15.

The decision benefits taxpayers who incurred a capital gain and had to make an investment into a Qualified Opportunity Fund within 180 days. If that 180-day period was to end between April 1 and July 15, the notice now extends the deadline to July 15.

Read the full notice here.

Urgent Medical Equipment Request

Given the sudden demand placed on our healthcare system, the Georgia Department of Economic Development has requested that organizations like the CID reach out to members to see if you have any of the following items that might be used in the fight against the virus
  • Tyvek suits
  • Surgical gowns
  • Medical hair nets
  • Medical ventilators
  • Miscellaneous protective equipment, including N-95 masks
For questions, please contact Emily Poole at the Georgia Department of Economic Development at 404-772-6794 or epoole@georgia.org.
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