TSCID July 2020 Newsletter

Tucker Summit CID July 2020 Newsletter

Tucker Summit CID July 2020 Newsletter

Pepsico Operations: Safety First

Pepsico operations and sales in Tucker didn’t skip a beat with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the outbreak shined a light on how the company’s focus on safety for its employees and customers.
  • Pepsico immediately ordered personal protective equipment (PPE) to provide to employees.
  • They increased inventory of cleaning supplies, including 200 gallons of hand sanitizer from Guardian Sports, for enhanced equipment cleaning and sanitizing throughout the facility and common areas.
  • The company eliminated large group meetings and replaced them with teleconferencing or virtual meetings while enacting training and health protocols to educate employees about virus prevention and safety.
Communication and transparency have been key in both ensuring safety and maintaining workforce trust. Pepsico has maintained relationships among the trade and community networks like the City of Tucker and Georgia Association of Convenience Stores, which have also been beneficial in sharing best practices and problem-solving issues.

In order to meet consumer demand for beverages as more people have sheltered in place due to the pandemic, Pepsico has actually added employees at its facility, instead of decreasing workers. That’s incredible!.

Tucker Brewing’s New Tucktoberfest Märzen Lager

With a crisp taste and a solid caramel malt backbone, Tucker Brewing Company is excited to introduce the Tucktoberfest Märzen Lager coming this September! Traditionally served during Oktoberfest, Tucker Brewing Company is bringing this toasty malt with a bready nose to you a month early! Prost!

The long-awaited TKR kitchen will also be open soon with new executive chef Nicole Fey and Tucker Brewing Company is looking for great staff to join the team. Email careers@tuckerbrewing.com for serving and kitchen staff positions available.

Freight Cluster Plan Steering Committee Presentation

The Freight Cluster Plan Steering Committee met on July 1 to discuss the most recent assessment and recommendations for the Mountain Industrial Boulevard corridor.

Research, conducted through stakeholder interviews, found that many companies used approximately 20 trucks per day for transport. Their feedback included urgent needs for overnight or temporary staging parking, wider roads for large trucks and changes to address the congestion in the study area.

To learn more about the Freight Cluster Plan and view the complete presentation, please click here to download it.

FODAC Partners with Goodwill Chattanooga

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC) recently received a 53-foot trailer from Goodwill Chattanooga filled with home medical equipment (HME) through a new partnership to help shorten the waiting period for FODAC clients needing walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, hospital beds or more. The new alliance means that HME donations made to any of the 15 Tennessee stores will be shipped to FODAC.

For more information on FODAC and making donations, please visit their website.

Tucker COVID-19 Updates and Testing Available

The DeKalb County COVID-19 Taskforce Re-Opening Business Subcommittee recommended increasing the $10 million allocated for small business recovery loans to $30 million. After a discussion with DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond, the final recovery loan amount will be $15 million with an option to increase the fund if needed.

Learn more about how to receive assistance on the DeKalb County website.

Tucker Summit CID also supported the Georgia COVID-19 Business Safety Act to protect businesses from being held liable for a specific set of COVID-19 related claims from patients contracting the virus at a place of business. The Georgia General Assembly approved the Act at the end of the 2020 legislative session and the bill should be signed into law by August.

Learn more about the new legislation here.
If you’re in need of testing for the coronavirus, the DeKalb County Board of Health has set up an easy three-step process. Use the call instructions illustrated above or visit www.dekalbhealth.net to schedule an appointment.

Reminder to Apply for Your Absentee Ballot

For your health and safety, please remember to apply for your absentee ballot in order to vote in the upcoming runoff elections and presidential election in November. Every vote counts!

Find more information on the DeKalb County website.

TSCID Project Updates

Southern Care Lawn & Landscape has been doing a wonderful job keeping our district looking beautiful. Check out the lantanas blooming at the Mountain Industrial Boulevard and Hwy 78 interchange.