A majority of projects to be completed in the CID were made possible when voters across DeKalb County overwhelmingly supported the additional penny sales tax for road and drainage improvements, multi-modal transportation initiatives, parks and recreation needs, as well as public safety upgrades. The City of Tucker is projected to receive $32 million over the six-year life of the Special-Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax (SPLOST).

Projects Completed September 2020:

  • East Ponce de Leon Avenue
  • Sarr Parkway
  • Hugh Howell Road
  • North Royal Atlanta Drive
  • Elmdale Drive
  • Roadhaven Drive
  • Kilman Drive
  • Bibb Boulevard
  • Mountain Industrial Boulevard

Below are some projects that were completed in 2018:


  • Paving at Mountain Industrial Boulevard was finished in early January despite delays from rain and cold weather conditions.


Streets within the CID were rated among the worst condition in Tucker and were resurfaced. Roadhaven Drive from E Ponce de Leon Avenue to Greer Circle; Auger Drive from Hammermill Road to the end; and Lewis Road from Roadhaven Drive to Rock Mountain Boulevard were repaved.


  • Early in the month, a large pallet of paper fell from a truck at on Mountain Industrial Boulevard at Highway 78, with paper blowing all over the interchange.

Within minutes Southern Care Lawn and Landscape and DeKalb Police were on site for support.  Police were quick to action and were of great assistance by directing traffic around the crew as they quickly cleared the mess before rush hour.

  • Three task forces were formed by the city of Tucker and have active representatives from TSCID:
    • Transportation–Emory Morsberger & Larry Kaiser
    • Signage and Wayfinding–Bill Kaduck
    • Trails–Jennifer Kaduck
  • Two task forces were formed in DeKalb County:
    • Economic Development – Emory Morsberger and Rebekah Coblentz
    • Transit – Larry Kaiser


  • Curb radii was repaired at North Royal at Mountain Industrial Boulevard.
  • The lighting on the bridge at Stone Mountain Parkway and Mountain Industrial Boulevard was repaired.

The granite curb at East Ponce de Leon was reset. The curb radii at Stone Ridge and Lewis was completed.


Plans were finalized to analyze traffic for future interchange improvements and Eberly & Associates was contracted to provide a review of the DeKalb Sanitary Sewer basins to allow for better planning for upcoming projects and development.

Asphalt patching and repairs were completed at North Royal Atlanta along with repairs to a MARTA concrete bus pad concrete by Leach.

The old railroad bed crossing on Litton Drive between Ponce de Leon and Lewis was repaired.


On May 4, concrete was poured on Sarr Parkway for a new bus pad, and a new MARTA bus shelter was installed.

A driveway curb radii was replaced and new concrete slabs were placed at South Royal Atlanta Drive and North Royal Atlanta Drive to allow for turning tractor trailer traffic in these areas.


Road repairs and patching were completed at seven locations on North Royal Atlanta (from US 29 to Mountain Industrial Boulevard), at Elmdale at Mountain Industrial Boulevard (SAMS Corner), two locations on Mountain Industrial Boulevard (north of North Royal Atlanta – near the intersection), 5060 North Royal Atlanta & 5203 South Royal Atlanta and the NE corner of MIB Bridge over High