TSCID Freight Cluster Plan Study FAQs

  1. When will this study be complete?
    The Plan is scheduled to be completed in October 2020.
  2. How will the recommended projects be funded?
    Project recommendations will include a strategy to fund projects through available federal, state, and local sources.
  3. Will this Plan impact my commute throughout the TSCID area?
    While this Plan primarily aims to improve the movement of trucks in the area, it will also look at better ways to improve access to workers in the Tucker Summit district. This includes identifying potential roadway and transit improvements.
  4. Will MARTA transit be affected by this project?
    As a stakeholder, MARTA will provide important input to any existing plans they may have related to transit in the study area. Also, we will seek input from transit users on opportunities and existing challenges, and relay that information to MARTA. Again, any changes to your commute should represent a net positive effect on traffic and transportation throughout the TSCID.
  5. How can I be involved?
    Visit this website frequently for events and activities related to the TSCID Freight Cluster Plan. Contact the project team at contact@peqatl.com. Check your local government web pages as we will be sharing information for them to post as well.

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